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I may not be perfect in your eyes,
My presence may too annoy your sight,
But I have nothing much to disguise,
For this is all of  how I would fight.

I may not be perfect in your hands,
But I've tried drawing a lot of smiles,
I am so sorry I could not mend,
Although I tried through all the miles.

I may not be perfect in your mind,
But please don't you look me down,
For I've shown all that I could find,
I just don't see hence I am drown.

I may not be prefect in your life,
My heart keeps singing you a beat,
For you I'd swim deep as I can dive,
As that would make me feel complete.

arsenal n chelsea nak dtg msia...agak agak team msia buleh menang x??  

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Honestly or not? If not, boleh! (:

I beg your pardon?

ur fevret actor?? dlm msia buleh,luo msia pun buleh...=)  

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Jean Claude Van Damme

I beg your pardon?

You'll Be Alright  

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The crickets sing to a wondrous night,
As may their hid absorb the lights,
I bring to you this love so tight,
That there,s no need to have a fright,
The best I know you are so bright,
And so you know you have my might,
Believe in me you'll be alright,
For we shall reach far greater heights.

My Nation (Respect)  

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The Malaysian nation has recently came to my concern. It involves a huge part of us who are discreetly neglecting to give a glance ahead of improvement. What we need to know is that the people need to be more sensitive about the surrounding more than just trying to live with it. 

I think the Malaysian government needs to take proper action in order to compromise with these issues. The nation, the least that it could provide is to focus into whatever achievements they can reach with all the resources provided and subsidized by the authorities.

Lately I've been confronting many selfish acts that with naked eyes, may not seem very disturbing or hurting. Most would prefer to describe these tiny incidents as petty things. However, if seen in an other way around, it is a vital instrument that could either harm the building of a nation or save it by prevention.

I have yet touched about the huge agendas that reads on the everyday newspapers. This is just a sight of moral values that we usually face in our walks of life.

Apart from that, respect is the piece that I'm trying to put together this time. I feel overwhelmed by the ads on the radio stations nowadays mentioning how important it is to put oneself along with the others by lending a helping hand. "You don't need to dive into the ocean to save a life.

All we need to do is try to be more sensible and concerned over the things that are happening around us. These are some of the common things that could be of simple examples for us to ponder:

  1. Stop or slow down when you see someone walking over a zebra crossing knowing that you have the advantage of relaxing in your seat with the air conditioner blowing against your face while he or she is sweating to reach a destination.
  2. Stay in line whenever you're queueing knowing that everybody else in front of you is waiting as long as you're standing.
  3. Do not complain when you find somebody with an unpleasant smell or torn clothes (e.g. in an internet cafĂ©)  for you may not have the idea of how hard his or her life may have been.
  4. Chat discreetly in public transportations as most of the times, you are not the centre of attention. Rest is.
  5. Be polite in your conversations no matter whom it is you're facing for you might not know that perhaps you're going to be his or her candidate in an interview at 9 o'clock.
It is not necessary that only the above points should be taken into consideration. They're just examples anyway. What I really mean is that these petty things could mean a lot when you do the right thing at the right time, be it for others or for your own moral input.

In other words, respect does not only mean to look up upon someone who has reached far beyond expectations like sailing across the world's 7 seas but it also means to accept and empathize what one has been through as a symbol of our understanding towards that other.

As a conclusion, developing a nation is not just about maintaining a national GDP at 7 to 8 percent every quarter nor it is about increasing the level of output or production of a country. We need to always return to the basic means, to becoming the best of our kind. Remember, "to err is human, to forgive divine."

Strength for Belle  

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Dear Belle,

Life is hard I know but it's not going to be any easier by having all the obstacles running through our thoughts. As we always get to hear, "every cloud has a silver lining." The only way to get through these tough moments is to take control of our lives and put everything in order according to their priorities.

It is important to face and solve all the problems occurring but take it one step at a time. Do it just like how you dance so gracefully. Every single step, every single event in the days we go through has its own music and it's up to us to try to listen. Feel the aura of healing yourself. Keep telling that to your brain and that's what it will do because it turns out to be a prayer. A sincere one.

Life is not about what you want to achieve. It's about how you're going to reach those dreams. Here are some of the things that I suppose we should take into credit when facing difficulties:

  1. Be positive in everything that occurs for everything happens for a reason. Start thinking of a wonderful idea that you could make use of from what you've learnt to face. Just like when you fear of standing and talking in front of a crowd, try to think of them as your closest friends or family, the people you're comfortable to share with. It'll take the creep out of you.
  2. Bring in the joy and make life fun and adventurous for it is all that you need to cherish since we only get one chance out of it. Don't waste a millisecond on whether to choose a black shirt or a coloured shirt for you to wear. Either one, you're the person who's going to make the day colourful.
  3. Keep in touch with friends and relatives, mix around with the world. Get the latest updates on what's your best friend's new gossips or do some reading in the newspapers about some world events. You could also create a blog for you to express your stories in. Whatever it is, get busy with yourself and fill up the schedule.
  4. Get involved in healthy social activities like attending events that magnets your interests like a theatre or so. Get to know more people and the world so that your mind automatically becomes broader and more creative. Plus, you might just have the chance to show your talents and share them with others and most importantly;
  5. Be yourself and believe in your conscience as it is part of the guidance for us to follow in addition to the hard work we've pushed towards. Sometimes, the surrounding might not be of our favour as we might get some negative charges from it. So you have to start to get to know yourself in order to be in control and to cherish every moment you're living through.

Well, I just wanted to say that life can be as simple and fun as how you want it to be. So don't make it complicated to avoid things from getting worse. "Walk towards the sunshine and let the shadow fall behind." You need to be strong in order to get through life's great endeavours. Thus, each single step you're going to take next must now be planned and well organized.

All in all, that's how you will reach your dreams. Trust me, it is not difficult. In fact, it's fun.


The Knowledge of Network  

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Life is more than there is to living and so is the time that we're buying to get through it. Sometimes we fail to understand how lucky we are to be given these gifts that we presently have. At one extent, some of us tend to forget what we're even here for. Why do these things happen if we're all leading a greater purpose in the things we currently hold? All these questions, these arguments, do they have answers? Haven't they been haunting our innocent minds if it was not because of what we try to reach out for? The answers always lie within, in what we believe in and care for most.

My father always say to me, that life is spontaneous and that it is a surprise upon the things we're forwardly headed to but to be able to expect of what's coming, differs your pace from another option you should have taken. A mistake maybe, or possibly something worse. Unless we paddle with the right strokes and know when to hit the waves, we can't be of any help in finding our way back home. That's why knowledge comes in handy and it will be the primary dictionary towards various definitions in life, but subjectively, only with the right understanding; with the right teacher and teaching.

We are all different people from many walks of life and yet there is a purpose for all of that. Many would realize this fact but only less than could understand. The clues are obvious. It's just so that we can learn and catch up with the things we ought to know since, who knows, maybe the first time we learn how to walk, or maybe about the scary clown that's suppose to make us smile. Our different perceptions may lead to misunderstandings but under the light, these dissimilar thoughts may become somewhat ideas to achieve greater heights and perhaps, a unity that we can all share together.

What is it actually that I'm trying to convey? It's a message that we're all connected with each other to form this network we're living in. Each of us is a valuable piece of puzzle which sums up to picture the whole world. Every single one of us plays an important role to ensure that another one of us moves around. This tells us that the people who surround us are capable of setting up our next step, only if we know how and able to contain our roles. By saying this, all I mean is that we're all learning from this circle of life as for "the fate of a race would not be altered unless if they change it themselves." That's the purpose of learning the whole thing; to improvise; to make changes for the better good; "to make today better than yesterday and yet tomorrow than itself." That's why we should always stick to each other.

Hence, we need to remind ourselves that whatever information that we gather today, should hopefully be of an assistance for the next. And that we need to gradually continue that effort so that we can stand before anything that comes within our way.  Knowledge is an important power that we need to master as for our lives here and hereafter depend on it no matter if we're siding to like it or not. To do that, we need to be strong by supporting each other with all the help we can give. We all know that it's a tough world out there. So gather up people, we've got a world to unite.

The Night  

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The night sky is winding down the cold,
The wind shifts it to all new rhymes told,
As you are here with your sweets to hold,
And as you find the best of ways unfold.

You bring the night a bright sparkling sky,
You bring the might to the limits so high,
You accompany with sweet songs to try,
Thus brought me wings to help me to fly.

Through the whispers that nights are singing,
You raw out of stars a place we're clinging,
Just the velvet round and sounds of a ringing,
Clouded of ticks and minutes of your loving.

Hide and Show  

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What is the part that you really want to hide?
Is it a side of you that would break your heart?
Is it just the petty things that you find so hard?
Or just another wonder if its still inside?

What is the part that you really want to show?
Is it the long quarts that make you flow?
Is it the little things that you already know?
Or just another way of how you love them so?

What is there to hide is what is there to show?
Of all the thoughts which have been bestowed,
For all the things you keep is in the things you
know you'd try and try and try to follow.

So then you know for this is how you grow.

Mother to Son  

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Dear Ayid,

Those beautiful memories I have had since you were born have been something that I cannot describe. We shared everything. You have been my only friend when everyone had pushed me away and I have always had you to talk to about my ups and downs. Your smile gives me the strength that deep inside, I never want us to be apart. I struggled with my humble self missing my loved one. Then he came back and we are united. Then there came your little siblings to continue our never ending memory to be shared together. I will always love you so, so very much. You're always in my heart. Good night again.

Lots of love,